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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Daddy Let Your Mind Go Long....

Well, if the vote were on Twitter, I'm sure.

However, I understand these articles were written to get moderate House Democrats on board.  Twitter imagines the entire world is like them; not unlike the current President, who is actually more demented on that subject than even Twitter in aggregate is.  But there are whole swathes of the country that think a trade deal with Canada and Mexico that protects labor (Trumka has thrown his weight behind the House deal) to some degree, is a good thing for the country, not just a "win" for Trump.

And even if it is a "win" for Trump, who's going to care next November?  Who is going to vote based on the passage (if it passes; the Senate, says McConnell, won't touch it until after the impeachment trial, and that doesn't mean anything just now) of the USMCA probably half-a-year before the election?


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