Friday, January 17, 2020

Sure, Why Not?

Might as well make a farce of the trial, and get it over with. They probably want to finish before the SOTU. If so, nothing will prevent that.

Besides, the conclusion is baked in. The sooner it's over, the sooner the GOP contempt for the Constitution is clear. And it will be clear, or it won't be. Reports are 70% of Americans want a trial with witnesses. That is not a trial that can finish quickly, not if Trump gets Hunter Biden and the House gets Parnas (Bolton shouldn't be called by either side. Never call a witness at trial when you don't know what they will say; and don't assume Bolton is waiting to burn Trump. He could be playing this for the publicity for his book.). The faster it goes, the less satisfied a large portion of the country is, and the likelier Trump and the GOP go down.

Never get in the way of a man punching himself in the face.

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