Friday, July 08, 2022

Along With....

The outside door a teacher unlocked and propped open? Except she didn't; she closed it, but it wouldn't lock. And the classroom door that was locked and no one could find the key? Except now it wasn't locked and nobody tried to open it? And the Uvalde and Uvalde ISD police who had no body armor? Except now we're told they did, but still didn't rush the classroom.

And the State Senator who is suing DPS because they won't release documents relevant to the event.  And a Senate Select Committee that was selected by Republican Dan Patrick to exclude the Democratic State Senator from Uvalde.  And the self-serving statements from DPS making sure everybody involved was to blame...except DPS.

I'm not sure there's even any magnitude to this investigation, except several orders of magnitude of finger pointing by all concerned.

No, I don't believe the mayor of Uvalde (his information is third-hand, at best).  I also don't believe all the information finding its way into the national discussion.  To make a comparison, this is why I trust the J6 Select Committee:  it doesn't leak like a sieve and it presents evidence from live witnesses.

I want a full and fair investigation with a full report as a conclusion, and no, I don't expect to get that from Patrick's select committee.  What I don't want is this constant dribble of rumor and falsehood and error and outright lies, which is all being demanded by a media hiding behind "RIGHT TO KNOW!"

Our right to know is to know something resembling the truth; not self-serving bullshit and outright lies.  Cui bono? is the only question the media should be asking, about any information offered on this event or its investigation.

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