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Saturday, July 22, 2006

I only want to say

if there is a way...

War is death. It's bereavement. It's mothers lamenting their children. It's devastation. It's destruction. It's an ugly human phenomenon. War encompasses feelings of hate, revenge, nationalism. It brings out the worst in mankind. War is the opposite of the desire to live, to love, to raise children, to create.

Since Israel was founded we've lived this. It is already difficult to count all the wars, military interventions, and military operations of different sorts. For almost sixty years already we have been living by the sword. Even so, the Israeli public believes that our nation seeks peace, that our hand is always outstretched for peace, and that only our bloodthirsty enemies force wars on us. Theoretically, it's true: there is not a single Israeli who won't swear that he seeks peace. In practice, our self examination reveals blood.
So perhaps there is. If Bush doesn't speak for all of America, and Olmert doesn't speak for all of Israel....

From Yediot Aharonot, Israel's largest circulation daily newspaper, via the Salty Vicar (who has the whole thing, and whom I found via the Mad Priest).


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