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Monday, April 13, 2009

Eastertide 2009

The church year begins with Advent, a kind of "little Lent" that is supposed to prepare us for the year and for the arrival (adventus) of the Christ child. The year grinds to a halt and all but starts over almost immediately, as Epiphany crashes into Lent, and Lent after 40 days in the wilderness finally leads us to an empty tomb and a glorious resurrection, a mystery we still grapple with 2000 or so years later.

The secular New Year marks a time for resolutions, as Lent is supposed to do, as Advent is supposed to do. Maybe Easter is a good time to put some resolutions into effect.

In any case, for now and the remainder of the year, whether you observe Easter or not, this seems like good advice.

(With thanks to russell.)


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