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Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh Good Grief

This offends me:

All this ecumenical just call it faith and we can all get along stuff has always just covered up for the fact that, shockingly, people who have strong beliefs in stuff have strong beliefs in that stuff and think other people are wrong and probably going to hell for it.
Just as much as this does.

It astounds me that people who profess unending criticism for the distortions of the media, rely on that same media for distorted information which they accept as accurate. "People who have strong beliefs in stuff...think other people are wrong and probably going to hell for it" is as stupid a generalization as saying all bloggers are less than journalists because they have no journalistic ethics.

Does Rick Santorum have "strong beliefs"? Yes. Is he mindless in them? Again, yes. Does this mean all persons with "strong beliefs" are also mindless, and only those with "weak beliefs" or who profess no beliefs at all, are wise and good and tolerant?

Crap. The question answers itself.


Anonymous JCF said...

For the MSM, "Fire&Brimstone" is the DEFINITION of "strongly-held faith". A Quaker who went to jail for draft resistance need not apply. [Nevermind all those gay-loving, mostly universalist Episcopalians. The MSM's stats say "Regular Church-goer = Strongly Conservative", so all of us who rarely-to-never miss TEC Sunday Eucharist just don't exist for them.]

4:00 AM  
Blogger rick allen said...

The perception applies to politics as well. You would imagine from our public discourse that all Democrats despise Republicans, and vice versa. Whereas in fact most of us (I imagine, I hope) have friends and beloved relatives of the other political persuasion.

8:38 AM  
Blogger The Thought Criminal said...

The question answers itself.

Still, I've found out since communicating with people online that it's always necessary to answer such questions and then that you'll have to repeat the answer at each and every occasion it comes up. I think we're well into post-literacy, even among those with typing abilities.

I finished my very controversial post which has many points relevant to this topic.

8:08 AM  

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