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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Follow the $$$$$

I should walk away from this, but let's be honest (and any honest pastor would agree with me), this:

Xavier University, one of the oldest Roman Catholic colleges in the United States, will cut off birth-control coverage for its employees in July, a move that has divided faculty members and students on the Cincinnati campus.
Is pretty much because of this:

Some on campus said they suspected Graham had come under intense pressure from the diocese, and perhaps from conservative donors as well, to publicly demonstrate Xavier's fidelity to Catholic doctrine by cancelling the birth-control coverage.
The Church, as any pastor/priest knows, is the people. Especially the people with $$$$$.

Sad, but still true.


Blogger The Thought Criminal said...

A man who accepts responsibility for a physical plant gives a hostage to Mammon. Though, undoubtedly, a physical plant is extremely useful for doing some good things, the question is how to have one without damaging the reason for having one.

The Catholic church is being destroyed by the conservative minority because the cardinals stupidly opted to follow the script of a Hollywood movie when JPI died. The next quarter of a century has done more to damage the church than even Pius XI and XII combined. Even my old Catholic mother is alienated because they closed down her parish, though she wouldn't admit it. She's far more a Maryknoll Catholic than a Vatican Catholic. I don't think she's that interested in having the business manager masquerading as a priest in the "combined parish" give her the sacraments.

The Catholic church is going to die as the supply of priests is outstripped by those who die or get forced out due to scandal. And the incumbent pope seems more interested in his personal brand of perfume than that.

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