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Friday, February 28, 2014

Run in circles, scream and shout....

I still say it's a facepalm.....

So far Arizona is the only state to get a "discrimination is okay if it's a sincere religious belief" bill to a governor's desk.  Even Mississippi gutted one in conference.

And yet, the Christian right is dangerous because it's cornered and losing influence.



Blogger The Thought Criminal said...

Even before I clicked on the link I thought, "I'll bet it's from Alternet" and I was right, originally.

The atheist hate "journalist" is the most single minded and single subject "journalist" there is and Alternet and, so, Salon is full of them. It is the cheapest kind of "leftist" journalism there is in that they never, ever have to research anything much and they never, ever are in any doubt as to where they and their baited clicker-hater "readers" are going to come down on the issue. They are one of the things that make a blog or a website get really, really old, really, really fast. Compared to the topics on your blog the neo-atheists are positively non-intellectual. Or maybe that should be "positivist non-intellectual".

You always wonder if you've yet seen the stupidest one and the only thing even slightly unpredictable is which one will be the current record holder of stupidest atheist click-bait. It's a title that falls on a regular schedule.

2:16 PM  

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