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“The opposite of poverty is not wealth; the opposite of poverty is justice."--Bryan Stevenson

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Words I never wish to see again

I was in a part of town I seldom frequent, stopping at a bakery/cafe for breakfast with The Lovely Wife, who is on vacay.  You'll see why I use that term in a moment.

The bakery/cafe is next to a waxing salon, which is written in paint on its windows the services it offers, including "Full Body Wax" (The Lovely Wife wondered if the client was dipped in a pot of wax), a "Brazilian Wax," and the word I never want to see again:


I can only guess at what that is, and I don't want to.  Nearly 60 years old, married for more of those than not, familiar even with the hairless bodies of nude models now favored in porn and Playboy, I still don't want to think about what that means.

I don't even want to inflict it on you, Tender Readers.  But it's the only way to get rid of it.

Tag.  You're it.


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