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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Speaking (again!) of entertainment

I haven't seen "mother!".  I don't want to see "mother!"  Partly I'm put off by the violence in the third act that I've read about.  Partly I'm no fan of Aronofsky:  "Black Swan" was pretentious, and "Noah" was simply bad (bringing a sudden halt to Russell Crowe's career, and nearly wrecking Emma Watson's.  And as this movie had the worst opening of any movie headlines by Jennifer Lawrence, he may be damaging her career, too.).  But mostly I'm seriously tired of movies that are "serious" and "masterpieces" and "controversial" because they inflict so much violence on the female lead.  Funny how the "male gaze" is such a problem but female actors going through the motions (it's acting, after all) of being emotionally and physically abused and tormented, is "art".

At least when it's not a cheap horror film.

Besides, it sounds like a bad revision of an Albee play, and while all Burton and Taylor did was yell at each other, that was enough.  And any movie that makes people say silly things like this:

After all, who is Bardem’s writer’s-block-ridden character besides a modern interpretation of Jack Torrance, Stephen King’s iconic character who sat in a residence in the middle of nowhere, plagued by demons as he tried desperately—in vain—to create art worthy of praise?

(Is "The Shining" really so old it's no longer "modern"?  And it needs to be retold?)....really deserves to be consigned to the dustbin of disregarded things.*

(That review's conclusion doesn't even make sense, disregarding as it does the baby-eating scene, and Bardem's character ripping out Lawrence's characters heart, only to use it to make another "mother."  Icch.  Even Hugh Hefner's male gaze was never so objectifying of women.)


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