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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

"The Evil Men Do"

I wanted to write a wise and piercing exegesis of Romans 13 when I'd heard Jeff Sessions used it to justify this horror on the border.  I didn't get to, and better hands than mine turned to the task, so I'd just be piling on by now.  Besides, I hate that kind of use of scripture, and even writing a refutation of that use somehow supports the use of scripture except now you'll use it the way I do.


Fr. James Martin speaks for me, and why I've been so upset about this since I returned to blogging (various minor reasons, none of any significance, caused the absence).  This is an occasion to revive the concepts of "sin" and of "evil", because it is evil that is being promoted and promulgated from the Oval Office down to the Texas border right now.

I should sit silently in prayer, I suppose.  It's a better response than blogging.


Blogger Heidi aka Mom said...

And i had hoped you stopped blogging for a week to enjoy some down time in a nice vacation! Welcome back though, i read your voice everyday!

10:16 AM  

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