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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Can You Die from Excess Schadenfreude?

What Was Your First Clue?, Dept.

“This is not a good day for the president, clearly, to have his lawyer and intimate disclose so many things about him that don’t belong in the public domain,” Dershowitz told the veteran ABC anchor in a phone interview during the hearing’s recess.

Dershowitz went on to say that he’s worried Cohen’s testimony may have “weakened” attorney-client privilege.

“Whether [Cohen] wants to get a reduction in sentence or he wants to do the right thing, people can judge that for themselves,” the law professor mused.

Or what?  Michael Cohen will be disbarred for this?  He'll go to jail?

“I will be away from my wife and family for years,” Cohen said. “I pled guilty.”

Besides, attorney-client privilege doesn't cover protection of criminal acts, and Cohen plead guilty to committing criminal acts on behalf of Trump.  Attorney-client privilege went "bye-bye" a long time ago, and this situation doesn't weaken the privilege for other lawyers one jot.

Dershowitz is a putz; but even a putz can realize how bad this day was for Trump, right, FoxNews?

“They haven’t refuted his basic allegations against the president. And you say they’re doing the best they can. It may be that they don’t have any evidence to refute,” [Chris] Wallace said. “To some degree, they can’t sit there and refute the checks to the degree that Cohen has said things, and it’s just basically his word. All they have is the president has denied that.”

He added, “They haven’t done anything to really say, basic allegations about the president, they’ve done a lot to shake his credibility. In terms of the allegations, they haven’t defended it. Is there anything out there that the White House could have given them to defend against the claims that Michael Cohen is making?”

Apparently they're all in Hanoi......


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