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Friday, June 07, 2019

More Purity Than The System Can Stand

Despite Lawrence Tribe's proposal, you can't shame a whore.  Can the House come up with evidence the Senate cannot ignore?  Maybe in a movie, not in real life.  

“[The] House, unlike any grand jury, can conduct an impeachment inquiry that ends with a verdict and not just a referral to the Senate for trial — an inquiry in which the target is afforded an opportunity to participate and mount a full defense,” he wrote. “It seems fair to surmise, then, that an impeachment inquiry conducted with ample opportunity for the accused to defend himself before a vote by the full House would be at least substantially protected, even if not entirely bullet-proofed, against a Senate whitewash.”

Sure, that's what happens.  (This is why law school professors shouldn't try cases in court.)  House impeachment hearings have two outcomes:  impeachment, or not.  Removal from office is not coming.  Period.  So Trump is impeached, but not removed, then what?  He has anywhere from the rest of 2020, to the rest of 2019 plus 2020, to laugh about the impotence of the impeachment effort.  And now he's invisible and bulletproof.

Pelosi is right:  defeat him in 2020 so he can be prosecuted before the statute of limitations runs out on his crimes.  Demanding impeachment is the strategy of the Bernie Bros that gave us Donald Trump in the first place. (


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