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Monday, July 15, 2019

"Hieronymo's mad againe...."

So, what are we being distracted from?

“He said, ‘I only want short guys wearing yarmulkes handling my money, not black guys,'” agreed [David Cay] Johnston. “His tweets are doing nothing but dividing us. They’re also distracting us from other issues, which, of course, is one of Donald’s great skills, distracting us.”

“David, how much of this is in his gut and not in his head?” asked Matthews. “How much of this is just his gut drive that’s tribal?”

“Well, it’s important to understand something that’s very difficult for many people to accept,” said Johnston. “We have a mentally ill person in the White House, someone who is deranged, and it’s awful to contemplate that. I was talking to someone in France the other day who said the reasons Europeans don’t like Trump but they don’t have a sense of outrage about him is they’ve had centuries of mad kings and crazy warlords and other rulers who were nuts, and that this is a new experience for America. And we need to recognize this, that we have somebody who is incompetent—”
Epstein?  Cages?

Oops.  Tax returns?  The Census?  Or is he just trying to shore up his base?  You know, the "many people" who "agree" with him.

And yes, he really is mad as a hatter.


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