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Monday, July 15, 2019

Remember The Cockroach

Most people don't watch FoxNews, can't identify Sean Hannity, and think Rush Limbaugh is dead (I remember his heyday; this ain't it).

And as for "forcing subpoenas.": when was the last time the GOP did that? I do remember when they held Eric Holder in contempt. What happened? Did he leave office in shame, or even in handcuffs? Maybe the on-line GOP screamed for Holder's head, but I never heard it. There was such a long time lag between the offense and vote on the resolution I was surprised that was still a live issue. Did the republic fall? Did Democrats rule forever? Was the GOP punished for betraying the country?

Does anybody even remember Eric Holder?

Congressional subpoenas must be enforced by a court. That requires at least a hearing, and Congress doesn't automatically go to the top of the docket. It takes, in other words, time. Trump thinks he's on a reality TeeVee show. Some of his critics just think it's TeeVee, with the bad guys vanquished in 45 minutes.  You want to punish a lawless administration? Vote them out! The Lovely Wife said last night that she'd vote for a cockroach to get Donald Trump out of office. Maybe, instead of wringing hands over what the system can't and won't do, we should cultivate voters like that.

Even NPR is talking about Trump's racism this morning. That is not a sign of impending electoral success. Trump's base loves it. Trump's base is vanishingly small.


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