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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

RIP Cokie Roberts, and unrelated observations

I liked Cokie Roberts when she was a reporter on NPR. Never much cared for her second career as a pundit and grand pooh-bah of the American Experiment. Still, she deserves better than to even have her name in the mouth of this man. Speaking of whom:
What the fuck does that even mean? What authority does he imagine he has? What "state's rights" or even legitimate 10th amendment rights is he gonna run roughshod over, to the applause of elected Republicans?


Blogger The Thought Criminal said...

The very last thing I heard of Cokie was when my sister was visiting and she insisted on listening to Morning Edition a few weeks back. Someone asked it were true if Republicans led to recessions whereas Democrats led to better economies and, instead of dealing with the obvious recent history supporting that, she reached back 159 years to James Buchanan so she could find a Democrat to blame a recession on. She was one of those who promoted the fall-back semi-birther strategy of trying to turn Hawaii into an "exotic" location, as if Punditopia isn't. I won't miss her. Not least of all because pretty much all of them are the same.

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