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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Yeah, as I was saying....

As should be clear by now, this blog is neither an effort at surrealism nor the consequence of random actions sometimes (!) clarified by editing.

I paste a lot of tweets because it's easier than linking, and I do some of these posts on my phone, whereon I can't link at all.  But my memory gets clogged with the last think I copied and pasted, and it gets pasted again because I dash on without checking what I just did.

So we have this repetitive mess, albeit repetitive no more, so future generations will just wonder what this post is about.

The comment here belongs properly to the tweet below, but I put that tweet here originally, so the confusion is all mine.  Since I can't comment on this computer (another maddening issue!), let me say thanks for the (now misplaced; again, mea culpa) comment, and offer thanks for the elucidation of the survey I didn't bother to look up.  Which reminds me, I need to look one up about religion and allergies (well, as a metaphor) that Nate Silver apparently posted.  Let's see if I can screw that up!


Blogger rustypickup said...

If you're interested, here is a summary of the poll. Your post got me interested in the sample group, which turns out to be Dem primary voters (registered as a Democrat and planning on voting in the primary). Digging down, the interesting surge is by Elizabeth Warren. Not only have her top line numbers increased, but as voters get to know her, the unfavorable and uncomfortable numbers are dropping. She is also now the top "second favorite". Combining that with her top line number, she is starting to edge out Joe Biden. I now understand why the Sanders campaign is starting to freak out about her candidacy, if trends continue this will evolve into a Biden/Warren contest. As an interesting side note, Sanders campaign routinely attacks former President Obama. With a 90% favorable rating among Dems for Obama, I don't think that will gain Sanders a lot of support. My gut sense is that Biden's and Warren's strong showing among the 65+ crowd is a structural advantage. Not only do they say they will vote, they actually do go vote. The vote is where conjecture becomes reality.

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