Thursday, June 04, 2020

“History, to the defeated...”

It’s pathetic, but telling, that Donald Trump feels the need to do this. Let’s recap: Washington,D.C. was, by all accounts, peaceful last night. Not because of Trump’s efforts, but despite them. Trump has exerted absolutely no force in one other city in the country, and has said he’s not going to. He is., in short, absolutely ineffectual. He’s useless. He’s impotent. He’s the proverbial tits on a boar hog.
He’s the incredible shrinking President. He doesn’t scare real Americans. He’s another reason to be on the streets after curfew, a curfew he can’t enforce:
Trump lies, and his lies are useless:
Reality is not submitting, and no one is buying the bullshit. Every media outlet labeled this for what it is: an attempt to replace history with fiction. You aren’t fooling anyone when that’s how you’re lies are recieved.

The streets are quieter now because the people know what needs to be done, and they are doing it. “It only takes a spark/to get a fire going,” went the old camp song. Maybe that spark did work, maybe that fire is burning agai, maybe after almost 60 years we’re ready to make big changes again. One thing is certain: Donald Trump is in the rear view mirror, getting smaller by the minute.

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