Thursday, June 04, 2020

"Never Interrupt Your Opponent When He Is Making a Mistake"

Houston?  Most unlikely.  Houston is as blue as it gets now, and the Mayor and County Judge would extend the lockdown further if Abbott would let them.  The County Judge already wants to re-open the "tent hospital" they closed earlier, and the two public hospitals (where the poor folk go, who have no insurance) are filling up.  That "second wave" may hit here fairly soon, and even if it ebbs by August, that affects planning in June.

Dallas?  I don't think so, although "Dallas" is a large city bounded by so many more around it "Metroplex" is more the correct term.  But again, the County Judge of Dallas County probably wouldn't be anxious to invite a convention to town in August; they have enough to deal with now.

San Antonio?  Maybe.  With all the military bases there and retired military, probably the most receptive city in Texas; but then again, maybe not all that receptive.

Austin?  I don't think they have the chops for it, and the protestor turnout would be massive.

El Paso?  Are you kidding me?

What's left?  I can't think of a city with enough hotel space that could come up to speed that fast, outside those I've mentioned.  Besides, Trump is tied with Biden in Texas; do you really think a hastily thrown together GOP convention here would help him any?

And as I type this, I realize this is June already.  Trump really is determined to drive the GOP off a cliff for the sake of his own ego, isn't he?

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  1. I hope it's a disaster, sorry but I really do. The idiot Conservatives in Britain forced MPs to go back to that mess they call The Parliament in person and one of the Ministers started showing symptoms right there on the floor, supposedly they were supposed to distance but the footage proved they weren't. Jacob Jackass Moog was the big inspiration to call them back, I can't help but wish he would get it now.