Wednesday, June 03, 2020


And gee, I wonder why people are in the streets while the pandemic still rages?

John Kenneth Galbraith told a story of being on a board of economic advisors during World War II, and the people who would come to plead special needs.  The people on the board developed a hand-signal of waving two fingers in imitation of insect antennae.  It came from a story about ants rolling a ball of shit down to the mound, and it getting away from them and careening off on it's own.  The waggling was the antennae as the ants communicated to each other:  "Stop this shit."

My fingers start to twitch when I read things like that.

Will Trump be able to focus long enough to paint Biden as a weak sister who sympathizes with violent people?  And will that come before or after he demands violence on Americans again?

We have two safeguards in place against the collapse of order some reports fear:  1) Trump is a bellicose coward who doesn't have the organizational skills to mount a two-car funeral procession, much less a nationwide military take over of the states. 2) the states retain their sovereignty, and any order to march into them to restore order would prompt a Constitutional crisis the military would not want to get in the middle of (D.C. is different, and even Trump couldn't get tanks on the streets there).

And if Biden attends the George Floyd funeral, do the compare/contrast.

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