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Friday, November 07, 2008

On the road to Nowhere

The Chicago Way:

The SUV cut the car off immediately, and the security team aimed their weapons at the car. The driver and passenger in the sedan stopped, and looked stunned -- until the male driver appeared to understand what was happening (your pool reporter could see him mouth "Obama"). The motorcade continued on. The sedan remained stopped, near the side of the road. [...] Some of the drivers here in Chicago do not seem to understand that a) the Chicago police car at the end of the president-elect's motorcade is serious about having traffic pull over when the officers flash their lights and hit their sirens, and b) it's not a great idea to jump ahead of traffic by trying to cut around the black SUV filled with five heavily-armed secret service CAT members.

Purely personal reason for posting this. I lived in the Chicago suburbs for a year. Once, on a one lane cloverleaf ramp, going from one freeway to the other (the two ran perpendicular to each other, if you don't know what I mean by "cloverleaf"), a car passed me.

Yes, nearly forcing me off the road, where there was no "off the road" to go to. And why I say the worst drivers I've ever seen, and the scariest, most dangerous traffic I've ever been in, were both in Chicago.

So this little incident doesn't surprise me a bit.


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