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Monday, October 07, 2013

Vive la France!

No, you're not "French."

You aren't that mature.

(This is what I found, looking for "boltcutters chain world war II memorial."  There are several Google references to it, so likely this is what started the "bolt cutters" meme.  The guy in that picture is Ralph Hall, yet another Texas GOP House member (we've got a million of 'em), but those are fencing pliers, not bolt cutters. Apparently the pliers were meant to cut away the wires used to keep the barricades in place.  (Yes, I am taking this too seriously; why do you ask?)  So there were no chains, only some rather flimsy wires. Best I can tell, wire cutters become bolt cutters in this headline.  Still, the area has been opened to "First Amendment" activities since October 2nd, which is why the veterans have been let in, but no one else. Not that anyone cares about any other visitors to D.C., since they don't create photo ops.  Oh, and that "Chicago thuggery" line in the "headline" link prompts me to send you here.  Nothing is accidental.)


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