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Monday, January 06, 2014

In Re: Trestin Meacham

He says he’ll continue starving himself until state officials refuse to obey the federal judge and cease issuing marriage licenses to lesbians and gays.

Meacham is an advocate of the principle of “nullification,” which contends that state and county officials can ignore federal laws and court rulings they consider unconstitutional.

In an interview posted today on the Cultural Hall website, Meacham said it’s “completely pointless” for state officials to go through the courts because they are “packed full of activist judges that don’t listen to the constitution.” He has urged state officials and county clerks to defy the order. He told an interviewer he is emulating Gandhi, and said he is willing to sacrifice his life to prevent same-sex marriages in Utah.
Of course, the state courts and officials of Utah have gone on complying with federal court orders, including the latest stay which they requested, and won, from the U.S. Supreme Court.  To Mr. Meacham, that's good enough!  Now he wants people to know he's entitled to pizza!

I'm not quite sure why this doesn't make him a moocher, but it probably has something do with emulating Gandhi.


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