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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fillin' out my bucket list

I also went here over the weekend.  It was not the spiritual experience of a 400 year old place of worship, but it was a great geek moment.

The view I had was more like this, though.

The best part was, while standing next to one (there's a walking tour, you actually get to stand by one of them.  In that picture above you can just make out some buildings on the right; that's there the tour takes you) as it readjusted its position.  All the others moved synchronously (the dishes, not the actual antenna base; those are moved manually).

We decided it was contacting the Mother Ship, and that it was time to go.  Besides, it was very much a "wind-swept" plain, and even in the mild New Mexico spring, the temperature was a bit brisk."

(And no, these are not my pictures.)


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