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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Reliable Sources

And then:

Except, as his Twitter feed immediately noted:

Besides, this is why we need to see his tax returns and other financial documents.

Live by the fake news, die by the fake news.   What fake news?  Again, his Twitter feed is instructive:

 And in all this time we've yet to invoke Godwin's Law; why not now?

Which puts Trump squarely at war with the intelligence agencies that serve him.  As Josh Marshall observed on that point:

6. Some people are saying that we shouldn't be looking at these news reports through the prism of the credibility of the document but rather the intelligence community's retaliation or warning to Trump. I don't think we can rule that out. But as much as we may dislike Trump, intelligence agencies using the information they gather against an elected President is a very bad thing. We shouldn't lose sight of that. Of course, we should also not expect our spy apparatus to cover for presidential wrongdoing or leave the country vulnerable to foreign subversion. Regardless this is extreme high-wire behavior for the whole country, whatever the underlying facts. It's bad from every different direction that we're here.
Yup.  And we're back to this issue, which Trump could clear up, but odds are he won't:

7. A lot of the information in this document matches up pretty well with circumstantial evidence about Trump's business dealings with Russian oligarchs and organized crime, and the leverage they have over him.
And the governments of the world pay careful attention to all of this, taking note of how Trump responds to it.  As for the government of the United States:  Trump has an approval rating of 37% 10 days out from his inauguration.  His approval rating has declined since the election.  That's being noticed, too.

I mean, what is this, Nazi Germany?


Blogger The Thought Criminal said...

Susan Collins has already pretty much said she'll rubber stamp what Trump proposes. And she's the "moderate" Republican.

We are in the hands of an actual, fascist party. The only way they'll do something to reign in Trump is if they think it's going to cost them, personally.

Every defect in our Constitutional system will be exploited, every one of them will cry out for replacement. Only I doubt that will happen because "Hamilton" and junk like that.

1:59 PM  

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