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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

In Order to Save the Government We Had to Destroy the Government

What's the point of being President if you can't get what you want?  (Please to note he can't even get an AHCA reform through the House, so how the Senate is the problem is a mystery.  Damned arcane Senate Rules!)

P.S.  "The last time the government shut down was in 2013, which cost the U.S. economy at least $24 billion."  So, yeah.....


And when is a government shutdown not a good idea?


The remarks of the Honorable Senator from New York:

“I want to respond to the President’s latest tweets about the bipartisan, bicameral deal we just reached to fund the government through September,” Schumer said from the Senate floor. “Now, members of both parties worked very hard to come to this agreement, and there was a real spirit of cooperation.”

“The President has been complaining about a lack of bipartisanship in Washington,” he added later. “Well, this deal is exactly how Washington should work when it is bipartisan. Both parties negotiated and came to an agreement on a piece of legislation that we can each support. It is truly a shame that the President is degrading it because he didn’t get 100 percent of what he wanted. Bipartisanship is best summed up by the Rolling Stones: You can’t always get what you want, or at least everything you want.” 


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