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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Dog: Bone

That map shows the reach of Harvey, from the Gulf Coast to San Antonio, from Waco to Corpus Christi.  The storm has changed since that image, but it gives you a good idea just how big this storm was, and still is.

San Antonio was originally the site of recovery efforts and refuge for those fleeing the coast.  It was a state shelter for coastal dwellers, chosen because it was far enough inland to certainly be out of the way of a hurricane.  By Saturday, the hurricane was raining on San Antonio.

Tell me again how Houston could have been evacuated and so spared the displacement of so many people by flood waters.  You can't evacuate just the people who are going to be flooded, or have th greatest potential to be flooded.  It's all or nothing.  This storm is raining down on all the areas covered in green and blue and yellow there.  You'd rather people be in cars for that?  And while the rains have stopped over my house for now, NWS is still forecasting 15-25 more inches of rain by Friday, which will bring the total up to 50 inches on the high end.  And then it moves north, toward Oklahoma; if the models are right.

Sorry; Dog: Bone.  But honestly, second guessing public officials in matters like this is a mug's game.


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