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"...doesn't philosophy amount to the sum of all thinkable and unthinkable errors, ceaselessly repeated?"--Jean-Luc Marion

“The opposite of poverty is not wealth; the opposite of poverty is justice."--Bryan Stevenson

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Let's all tweet like the birdies tweet!

If you express opinions like this in public, your employer may have a sad, but you can leave them up (it's your private Twitter account) and your employer can explain they didn't do it and you understand maybe you shouldn't have done it:

(Except I agree with Dane Rauschenberg):

But the White House will call for your head; well, at least your unemployment:

Because the 1st Amendment is only for people who like the POTUS; or something.

Apparently Trump's thin skin is shared by all his mouthpieces.....


Blogger JACKIESUE said...

if anyone needs to be fired it's donald

4:06 PM  

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