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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Just the tweets, ma'am

Portrait of a ravenously self-centered man:

Honestly, did anyone need that?  A re-release of a press release?  But he's sure to get his name in there.
Is he likely to break his arm patting himself on the back like that?
It's about Trump.  It has to be good!
It's a picture of him.  How could he resist?

And, in other news, or, as MAD Magazine would put it:  "DON'T YOU HAVE A JOB? DEPT.:
And, in still other news, he continues to display absolute ignorance about the powers of the Presidency:
How many lobbyists does the President have?
Are you going to start by supporting Obamacare, instead of undermining it?
The RNC chair was on CNN yesterday asking Democrats to "please help" the GOP run the country.  Is this your idea of supporting her, like you're supporting Tillerson?

More and more it is clear this is the Steve Bannon presidency.


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