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Friday, May 04, 2018

"This is not going well"

Shep Smith isn't really a surprise; but Neil Cavuto is:

Or this, on "Outnumbered:"

Elliott Hannon sums it up very nicely:

Over the last 18 months, Fox News appeared to be covering something else altogether, an America that didn’t actually exist, a country where Hillary Clinton was now the president. That’s why Cavuto’s smoldering, end-of-his-rope soliloquy carries with it the scent of real danger for the president. Because if Fox News wakes from its journalistic slumber and starts telling the truth to its viewers about the president’s unwillingness to do the same, President Trump’s legal problems will overnight become political ones.

I would say it sounds like FoxNews is no longer happily eating the shit sandwich and trying to sell it as ham on rye.

And I'll reiterate:  Giuliani came out saying he was now in charge of Trump's legal team.  Trump dismisses Giuliani as a new hire who just started and still hasn't figured out where the copy machine is, much less does he actually know what he's talking about.  Of course, Trump acts like he's in charge of the legal issues facing him, which is a disastrous posture in and of itself.  The ladies on "Outnumbered" blame Giuliani for this mess; I still blame Trump.

Mostly because he still thinks he's the Smartest Guy In the Room, and that wouldn't be true even in an empty room.


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