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Thursday, August 02, 2018

None Dare Call Local Government a Deep State

Q is:

a) a fictional character of god-like power from the Star Trek universe
b) the speculative source (German: "quelle") document for stories common to the gospels of Luke and Matthew
c) a whacked out internet conspiracy theory that believes, among other things:

Uscinski, who has studied Q over the last month, says the user’s posts are often about the “deep state” battling Donald Trump, using bureaucratic inertia. Which isn’t that farfetched, he said, given that many in federal government didn’t likely vote for Trump.

You know, they may be on to something:

The facility would be a "family detention center" to hold immigrants seeking asylum, or just work, in the U.S.  Yes, the irony that it would be located on "Emancipation" is not lost on anyone here.  Then again, it may not be coming soon after all:
The facility apparently also still needs a permit to serve food, so it won't be opening anytime soon.  The plan to open a facility here has been opposed by the Mayor and other civic leaders.  Apparently, they found a way to make good on their opposition.



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