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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Twitter makes this too easy

"NO (such thing as) COLLUSION!" (Makes it easier, doesn't it?)
Part of me wants to say: "You're just now noticing?" OTOH, helluva distraction, huh?
"You say that like it's a bad thing."

Which, yeah, it is:
“There’s any number of crimes that could be violated here,” said Williams. “There’s campaign finance violations. And it’s ironic that we’re having this conversation, literally, Chris, the day Donald Trump Jr. testified before Congress that he didn’t know that he was receiving value potentially wrongly from a foreign actor, but clearly his father doesn’t help that case, does he?”

Williams continued to list offenses. “So there is all the campaign finance violations. Look, if you’re using computers, there’s wire fraud questions. If you know what you’re doing and interacting with a foreign government, you start getting into the realm of espionage and national security offenses and then computer hacking and other sort of computer offenses, too. So there are a lot of things that are implicated when you start talking about taking the aid of a foreign government in our federal election system. And the president’s just opening the door to that. Look, I’d like to say it’s shocking at this point.”

“Let’s use an instructive example from 2000, when the Gore campaign just got a package on its front doorstep of, not even foreign intelligence, but about the Bush campaign,” said Williams. “They immediately called the FBI because something seemed kind of fishy about it. That’s what you do and that’s when you’re behaving properly.”

"Behaving properly."  What a quaint idea.

But Twitter just keeps on giving:

And who among us hasn't?
Besides, what could go wrong, right? Or is this a date that will live in infamy?
Yeah, more'n likely.
But really, is it surprising?
No; no, it really isn't. Ain't that a shame? Well, not to a man who is shameless.

“This is nuts,” said Washington Post columnist Max Boot. “It’s an issue that Chris Wray needs to consider resigning over. The president is basically saying ‘I will disregard the FBI and commit illegal acts.’ That is extremely alarming behavior. And by the way, Don, can you imagine what Donald Trump would say?”

“The Attorney general also agrees with the FBI director,” Lemon cut in to say.
“Absolutely! This is the law,” replied Boot. “There is no doubt that this is the law, and this is the oath that the president takes which he is now violating. Can you imagine what Trump would say if Joe Biden came out and said ‘Hey, Iran, if you have information on Trump please share it with me.’ Do you think Trump would be saying ‘That’s okay,’ or would he be saying ‘That’s treason?’ ”
You know if this was a plot point in one if the "West Wing" wannabe shows about D.C. or the White House, it would be condemned as wildly fictional and to incredible for reality.

You know I'm right.


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