Wednesday, April 08, 2020

But it'll be fine by May 1, right?

And all the small business loans will have saved all the small businesses too, right? Because the Trump Administration has done such a brilliant job with that program and increased payments for unemployment, right?

Yeah, about that:

Administration officials had considered a partnership in which Hanes and Fruit of the Loom manufactured millions of cloth face masks and the U.S. Postal Service would have helped deliver them.

Stop right there, and recall this happened just yesterday:

Okay, carry on:

The idea came up a few weekends ago during a coronavirus task force meeting in the Situation Room, while Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar was briefing the team on Hanes' decision to start making cotton masks.
“If CDC is going to recommend face coverings, the government should at least provide them for its citizens," a former senior HHS official familiar with the discussion said.
Where it stands: Hanes has already announced that it's retooling its factories to make masks for health care workers to help alleviate shortages. But Kadlec's idea for a bigger partnership has been tabled.

“It’s not clear they have thought through the costs, the logistics of how this would work, or whether this is a wise idea in the first place," one senior official said.

What they're saying: “Making these masks and getting them out is not complicated. If government leaders think this is too hard, how can we trust them to safely reopen our economy?" the former senior HHS official said.

This crowd is going to get the economy restarted real soon?

Happy days are here again, right?

Federal guidelines are suggesting all nonessential workers stay home as much as possible through the end of April. And some states, particularly those showing high rates of infection, have gone further, shuttering all nonessential businesses and, in some cases, ordering residents to stay home in June.

Yeah, gonna be awhile.

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