Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Genesis 1:28-31

This is actually a very Biblical response to the pandemic.

The popular image of the God of Abraham in the Hebrew Scriptures is a god of wrath and vengeance who wreaks havoc on Israel because they pissed Him off.  The actual picture from the prophets is that Israel ignore the guidance of God, and reaped what they had sown.  God didn't punish Israel; Israel screwed up.  God told Israel how to live, through Abraham, through Moses, through the Law; Israel systematically abandoned it all (saith the Prophets) and just as following God's guidance as consequences, not following God's guidance has consequences, too.

Besides, the first Creation story in Genesis (the one without the Tree and the serpent) puts human beings in charge, and so responsible for, the husbandry of creation.  Not the boss of it to use as we will with no thought, again, for consequences; but in charge of it's care and continuation.

So, as I say, the Pope is actually being very Christian, here.  It's very sound Biblical reasoning.  No surprise, there.

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