Wednesday, April 01, 2020

New And Improved and Somber! (well, except for the joke at Pence's expense....)

I can do this just with tweets:

Yup.  Totally changed.  A different man altogether!

Jim Acosta yesterday:

“The stark message we got in the briefing room this evening is unmistakable,” the CNN reporter said. “This country is about to go through a horrendous terrible experience, and I have to tell you, people may not believe the president when he says any of this, and I have been—you and I have been, you know, pretty critical of him from time to time.”

“Yeah,” Cooper replied.

“This was a different Donald Trump tonight,” Acosta concluded. “I think he gets it, Anderson.”

“We'll see,” a skeptical Cooper reacted.

Donald Trump today:

(It's so dumb and inappropriate it bears repeating.)  And then there's the fact today's press conference was about drugs and Venezuela; oh, and the non-existent border wall.  And deaths from coronavirus in the U.S. are up to 5,109.

But I'm sure we'll see a different Donald Trump again; in a day or two; for a few minutes.

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