Saturday, April 04, 2020

Not for Trump’s resurrection

The exceptions prove the rule. The exceptions are cults of personality, non-denominational, told they are unique. The exceptions are as rare as hen’s teeth, which is why they get the attention. Everybody wants at least a glimpse of the freak show.

Trump has no power to open churches. The states can close them for reasons of public health. Trump can’t do that, either. Will the churches open on Easter Sunday because Trump says they should. He didn’t even say that. He won’t be responsible. Period. But if it happens, he’ll take credit for the headlines.

Will the churches open if Trump “has a conversation “? No. Pastors care about their congregations, not about publicity or pleasing Trump. Church members care more about their health than Trump’s re-election, too. Even if all the churches in America flung wide their doors on April 12, people wouldn’t flock to them or just stand outside them vaguely “attending “ (does Trump even understand how Christian worship is conducted?).

The exceptions will be the churches defying lawful orders. My guess is a few will open, with or without Trump, and we’ll hear all about it. Everybody slows down for a car wreck.

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  1. I liked the footage of the Italian mayor, I think it was, who said if people violated the ban on gatherings he'd send the police in with flame throwers. Trump is mentally deficient, all of them are. When I read Richard Epstein's paper it was apparent he had absolutely no clue about the biological topics he was using to promote total nonsense. And the conservatives who paid attention to him made it plain that they didn't either, most of them the product of elite schools, Ivies, minor-Ivies, may as well be Ivies, etc. They are credentialed idiots with no morals.