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Monday, April 06, 2020

Old Times There Are Not Forgotten

The church I came to Houston to serve 20 years ago has a graveyard behind it, one as old as the 150 year old church itself.  A large section of it is bounded by simple stones on the four corners, and is otherwise bare and unmarked.  It is a mass grave of victims of a yellow fever epidemic in the 19th century.  The community around the church was tiny, then; but people died so rapidly, and the fear of contagion was so great, they had to be buried quickly and anonymously.  Men, women, children, jumbled together, with no stone to mark their presence.

I've read reports of mass graves from the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918.  This is the only such grave I know of personally.

I know these mass graves in NYC will be temporary.  Still, I think of the President saying 100,000-200,000 deaths would mean he did a good job.

Monsters still walk among us.


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