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Monday, January 08, 2007

The sound of one hand not clapping...

Two stories from NPR this morning exemplify the real moral crisis that is Iraq:

1) A man who spent the scariest night of his life in the hospital with his wife and new-born son. And no, the terror was not medical-related.

2) The fact that the "surge" involves almost no new troops into Baghdad. Which means even the bald cynicism of calling it a "surge" is breathtaking.

What do these two stories tell us? That we still have a moral dilemma on our hands: having broken Iraq, how have we not "bought" it? The moral question remains: should we stay or should we go? I know Chuck Currie and the National Council of Churches have raised this question. The problem is, however: we seem to be the reason Iraqi society is not being rebuilt, and won't be rebuilt anytime soon.

But in the general conversation, the only issue is whether and when to leave. "How" is relegated to a logistics or a political issue.


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