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Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Ironies

Were it not for checking up on Thers, I wouldn't know Chuck Norris wrote this:

Just over the past week, dozens of mini-messiahs have been nabbed from Nativities across the country. Residences, churches and even civic displays in New York, Michigan, Nebraska, Indiana, Florida, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois and Texas have been exploited by these Christmas scrooges.

And such criminal acts are not restricted to America, as a baby Jesus was smashed and then stolen at the 12th-century St. John's Church in Cardiff, Wales, and a beer was blasphemously left in its place.
And the truly awful part, apparently, is that this is considered entertainment:

Skeptics might mock these defacements as negligible crimes, but stealing the soul of Nativities is one more dismal sign of a culture gone awry. What type of world do we live in when hoodlums (young and old) commit sacrilege for entertainment?
This from a man whose claim to fame is filmed slaughter of thousands, and delivering righteous beatdowns and slow-mo whippings to other persons, all in the name of entertainment.

Funny what's considered sacrilege, isn't it? Wasn't that child figured in the manger titled the "Prince of Peace"? I guess he got that title from his awesome fighting style, huh?


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