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Thursday, May 28, 2015

A little birdie tells me.....

I want to agree with Charlie Pierce that Rick Santorum is a....well, a little richard.

But I can't quite make that argument right now.  It seems Rick Santorum is "sickened" by the Josh Duggar story; and rightly so.

In other news, Dan Savage wants to do to "Duggar" what he did to "Santorum."  But apparently Twitter can't quite get around the fact the victims here, and the perpetrator, share the same last name, so using that name to become a new pejorative just seems, shall we say, "sick"?

Even Twitter finds an acorn once in a while; and even supposedly clever people step on their....well, little richard.


Blogger The Thought Criminal said...

Other than "It Gets Better" I really don't like Dan Savage. And there is something more than a little ironic, considering some of the stuff he advocates in his sex advice column that he's using a 14-year-olds' creepy fondling the way he is.

The Duggars and their Quiverfull cult are sick and I've got no problem with people using this incident to point out that they're all a bunch of hypocrites. I just wish they'd call out other, bigger hypocrites and creeps whose documented sins make what he did seem minor.

9:17 AM  
Blogger JCF said...

I have no problem creating a neologism of "duggar". If the victims share this name and stay in the cult, they'll no doubt soon be taking their husbands' names. And if they don't? Well, if my last name were a patriarchal, misogynist cult, then I would DEFINITELY take another name! [Maybe become an "X", ala Malcolm"]

Use in a sentence: "it seems that, in his previous job, House Speaker Dennis Hastert was duggaring the high school wrestling team".

2:19 AM  

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