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Saturday, June 04, 2016

Ken Paxton brings the kerosene

The barn is on fire, the horse is out, and Ken Paxton brings the kerosene:

Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton moved Friday to muzzle a former state regulator who says he was ordered in 2010 to drop a fraud investigation into Trump University for political reasons.

Paxton's office issued a cease and desist letter to former Deputy Chief of Consumer Protection John Owens after he made public copies of a 14-page internal summary of the state's case against Donald Trump for scamming millions from students of his now-defunct real estate seminar.
And yet this is the most interesting bit:

Trump, for his part, is standing by his namesake real estate seminars, saying he plans to resurrect Trump University if elected president.

Trump plans to continue doing business from the White House?  Yeah, that's gonna work....


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