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Monday, February 06, 2017

"....beside the open door."

The first Chinese Super Bowl was a good game of football (even though the wrong team lost); but the commercials were uniformly terrible.

Except for this one.  Interestingly, if it stirred the controversy of the Adolphus Busch ad, I didn't hear about it.  This one, however, features distinctly Mestizo actors, v. a man portraying a 19th century German, who wasn't African, Irish, Polish, or any other class of person recognized by American history has having been despised as "not from around here."  Still, that one stirred howls of outrage from xenophobes who proved hating immigrants for no reason is as American as cherry pie.

This one is a powerful statement, at least from an American company's point of view.  It's not exactly up to Emma Lazarus' standards, but it's more honest than the Budweiser ad.


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