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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"Have you seen the little piggies?"

This ad was the "game changer" that won Sen. Joni Ernst her place in the Senate.  So now how does Sen. Ernst "make 'em squeal"?

An audience member at a town hall in Wall Lake, Iowa, asked Ernst about Trump’s “weekends in Florida, costing us $3 million-plus in 100 days.”

“When you talked earlier about not a lot of money, deficits and everything, we’ve got to keep accountability,” he said.

“I agree with you,” Ernst said. “I do wish that he would spend more time in Washington, D.C.”

Ernst said she has “had the same concerns.”

“That is something I think that has been bothering not just me but some other members of our caucus,” she said.
The cost of these trips is in dispute; estimates range from $1 million per trip, to $3.6 million per trip.   Either way, Trump has spent far more than $3 million this year on trips to his estate alone.  I can't find any estimates that break out what Mar-a-lago charges the U.S. government for state visits (meals, housing, security, etc.), but no doubt the bill is larger than the bill already being paid to maintain the White House and a full-time kitchen staff who, apparently, has weekends off.  He has made 7 trips there since taking office.  He's been in office 12 weeks.

When does Sen. Ernst decide this is pork she has to cut, and not just something on her "if wishes were horses" list?


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