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Friday, June 30, 2017

Governing is hard. It's HARD!

So screw it!  Burn it all down!

Right, Ben Sasse?

Because repealing a bill that  affects all Americans and 1/6 of the national economy and leaving the country in limbo as to what comes next couldn't possibly create chaos and wreak havoc with the markets and all the major insurance companies, right?  Who cares about 48 million people losing insurance coverage when we can potentially double that number!

What is wrong with these people?

UPDATE:  Turns out this idea originates with Sasse, so of course he would endorse it.  However, repeal of the ACA is not something that can be done through reconciliation, so the GOP would need far more than 50 votes to get it done.


So of course Rand Paul is on board for it:

Known by the company they keep....


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