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Monday, November 05, 2018

Because beating a child teaches valuable lessons

1)  People bigger and older than you can beat you with impunity.

2)  Violence DOES solve problems.  Or at least teach lessons.

3)  Assault is okay as long as there's a sufficient age gap.

4) It's not violence if a family member does it.

5) Beatings are the surest way of instilling respect for authority.

6)  If I don't hit you, how will you know I love you?

7)  Beatings in childhood prepare you to raise your own children and beat them, because violence should always be carried forward.

8)  Beatings make a man out of you (you don't beat girls, that's just wrong!), by teaching by example. And the example is:  it's okay to beat people smaller and younger than you.  (I mean, don't be an idiot; that big guy?  Who are you kidding?)

9)  Anger management is for p*ssies!

10) Childhood beatings made me the man I am today!  Angry, bitter, and resentful of people who think corporal punishment is not good for children.  Then who am I gonna take my childhood beatings out on?!?!  HUH?!!!?????!!!!!

I can't believe this is back in the news.  Then again, I can.

The distinction between "spanking" and "beating" continues to evade me, except the former is administered by an adult against a child, which makes everything violent suddenly become "disciplinary."  Magic!



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