Saturday, March 14, 2020

My Hometown

Not my grocery store, but I shop this chain. (Yeah, this is in Houston.)

You know, we handled Harvey a lot better than this. Hell, we handled Rita (the storm that wasn’t after Katrina, but caused a 400 mile traffic jam) better than this.

This guy needs to calm down. Toilet paper will be back on the shelves in a day or two.


  1. Someone told me this morning that the panic buyers here are people who a few days ago were echoing the "hoax" line from FOX-Trump.

  2. I think that's literally true. I have some in-laws that were repeating the "hoax' line as late as last week. Yesterday they were driving store to store looking for toilet paper.

    This is a difficult time. I've got relatives with young kids looking at imminent layoffs. But we'll get through it--if we get through--with patience and sharing.

  3. I am laughing, I was at our local grocery store (Wegmans, upstate NY) at 6:00 yesterday morning. Parking lot was 1/4 to 1/3 full, when normally it would be empty. It was almost exclusively guys, there were a number of "that guy". Out daughter in Pittsburgh emailed us she went to her local grocery store Trader Joes inthe city and there was nothing to buy, it had been so stripped. The local store here was stocking the shelves so early yesterday so I lucked into TP, paper towels and some other food basics. At 6:30 the check out line stretched across almost the whole store. We were able to assemble a care package our second daughter took on her visit to her older sister in Pittsburgh. Both will be going to college virtually the rest of the spring.