Wednesday, April 08, 2020

"Molded by it!"

First, this is HILARIOUS!

Second, the whole thread recounts, in Twitter, how the hearing was conducted.  I've done (and am now doing, by necessity) on-line classes, but they don't involve all 25 students being on-line in front of cameras at once.  I have friends in ministry trying to do worship "remotely" on Facebook and YouTube. I know of teachers here around me trying to engage elementary school students on-line so their education can continue even as the schools plan to stay closed until fall (my own college is forcing all classes to be on-line until at least the fall semester.  Even if Trump sounds the all clear on May 1, I don't see that changing.) I can't imagine how they figure it out, frankly; but they are doing it.  I salute them.  I also can't imagine court proceedings on-line, but the thread above is informative, if you're that interested.

I mention all this for one reason, and it's a selfish one:

The Lovely Wife insisted on making cloth masks for us from scraps of fabric.  I got to choose what fabric.  I dallied with Strawberry Shortcake (was that the name?  The silly cartoon character for girls popular when my daughter was young, 20+ years ago), because I'm old and wanted to prove to the world I didn't care.  But it was flannel, and that seemed to hot for purposes (one thing about those masks, they ARE hot, because your breath is warm when it leaves you, and...well, never mind).  So I chose black, because I could.  I sent a picture me in it to my daughter, with the caption "I was born in darkness!"  She immediately replied "Molded by it!"  I am so proud.

Anyway, I wore it out one day (staying at home as much as possible, for obvious reasons), and I was the only person in the store wearing a mask.  I think it scared hell outta everybody because it was a mask; and (I like to think) because it was black.

I honestly can't wait until I need to go to the grocery store.....

(And no, you're not going to see that picture.  I have a face made for blogging, especially after 65 years.)

(I don't have the lined coat; or the bald head.  But this is as close as you'll get.)
(Replying to the comment below:  mine is simply black cloth, nicely stitched into a face mask, with elastic bands.  I have two; one I can wear out, then wash and let dry, while I wear the other one.  I'm going to the grocery store soon.  I'm actually looking forward to it.)

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  1. The ones my sister made for me aren't nearly as interesting, merely an unopened package of navy blue flannel fitted sheets another of our sisters had for some reason. I love that I can wash them, I hate throwing stuff away. And she made them with tie cords.