Thursday, August 25, 2005

Meanwhile, back at Camp Casey...

Cindy Sheehan returns to her vigil:

The hardest thing for me to hear -- I don't care about them talking about me being a “crackpot” or a “media whore” or a “tool of the left,” you know? I’m like, if I truly was a media whore, do you think I would like maybe get myself fixed up a little bit before I went on? That doesn't bother me at all, though. What bothers me so much is when they say I'm dishonoring my son's memory by what I'm doing, that my son would be ashamed of me or that what they really like to say is I'm [bleep] or spitting on his grave.

And look what Casey -- look what Casey has started. You know, I'm here because of Casey. We're all here because of Casey. And, you know, literally there's over 2,000 of our brave young people and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis, and I know they're behind us, and I see them all, all their faces on your faces.

But Casey was such a gentle, kind, loving person. He never even got in one fistfight his whole life. Nobody even hated him enough to punch him, let alone kill him. And that's what George Bush did. He put our kids in another person's country, and Casey was killed by insurgents. He wasn't killed by terrorists. He was killed by Shiite militia who wanted -- they wanted him out of the country. When Casey was told that he was going to be welcomed with chocolates and flowers as a liberator, well, the people of Iraq saw it differently. They saw him as an occupier.

Uncommon Sense notes that Tammy Pruett has been presented as the "anti-Cindy Sheehan," but of course, she doesn't get to speak. Nor has she yet lost a child in military service; and God willing, she will never have to make that sacrifice. But even if her children die willingly for what they believe in, that does not negate the witness of Cindy Sheehan, nor the question: what is the reason why Americans were sent to war in Iraq? The newest answer lifts itself by its own bootstraps: because Americans have been killed in Iraq.

We have to continue to insist the President give a better answer than that. We have to continue to insist that moral voices be raised, and be heard, and be answered.

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