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Friday, March 31, 2017

Are we keeping him from his golf game?

Watch it here, read about it there.... 
Trump gave brief remarks in front of a gaggle of reporters and cameras in the Oval Office and then began walking out of the room as a reporter asked whether he would direct the Justice Department to grant immunity to Michael Flynn, his former national security adviser.

Vice President Mike Pence appeared to try to direct Trump to his desk as the president gestured to him from the doorway and walked out.
I dunno, man.... 

He actually says something to Pence.  One would love to know what it was....


He says there, "You're going to be seeing some very, very strong results very, very quickly. Thank you very much."  And what did he sign (later) to bring that about?  "One [e.o.] calls for a 90-day study of the country’s trade deficits to identify potential abuses and the other one calls for stricter enforcement of anti-dumping laws."  Which pretty much has the effect of telling someone "Do good," and then claiming you've improved the world.

Why did he walk out?  A reporter asked a question, seems to be the causal agent.  But I think he's getting bored with the job.  This could be the loose thread that signals the tapestry is going to unravel....


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