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Friday, October 18, 2019


As everyone else is asking:  "secured the Oil"?  The U.S. cut and ran.  We bombed our own bases after the Russians took over one of them.  We destroyed ammunition, everything that couldn't be carried, because the order to leave was so unexpected and departure was so immediate.  WTF are you talking about?
What planet are you hearing from?
Now the Kurds are terrorists?  The POTUS just said so.  And sure, Turkey is "secure."  They've invaded Syria and control a portion of it.  This is madness.

Speaking to the BBC’s HARDtalk this Friday, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu scoffed at the Trump administration’s threat of sanctions over his country’s military operation in northeast Syria, saying that the threat is the result of erratic confused messaging that’s not doing anything to help the situation.

Cavusoglu laughed and mocked Trump for his constant tweeting about various issues, including Turkey.

“Different voices, different positions are coming from the United States, because of the differences between the administration, the State Department, Pentagon, and this and that,” he said.

According to Cavusoglu, there was never a “green light” from the US for the invasion, claiming that the invasion was only launched after the US and the Kurds did not “honor their commitments,” leaving his country with no choice but to invade.

He also said that Trump’s sanctions were meaningless and Turkey has “taken enough measures” to ensure they have no effect on its economy.

So Turkey didn't even need America to permit this invasion; and our President's tweets are a joke and his threats meaningless.  Well, yeah, that was obvious to us, but still.

I feel like America's great again!  Don't you?  Erdogan says Trump's letter to him was an insult.  Turkey's foreign minister mocks our President on the record in an interview.  Our President is oblivious to all of this, but whines about the House doing it's Constitutional duties:

If that's not Keeping America Great Again, what is it?  Or what is this?



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Make Anatolia Great Again?

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